The Launch

Okay. So tell me everything. And I mean everything.

I'll tell you everything. 

So there’s is a new season of liberty strong coming out? And on top of that there's the re-launch of Season One?

Well, we’re relaunching as a podcast. Kind of like an audio drama or a really cool narrated book. 

It started out as a book and now it's a podcast. How’d that happened. 

Oh my gosh. How do a lot of things happen? While you're out to dinner with friends! Nik Price, Michael's co-writer was in town and we were all out at dinner. Michael was giving him a hard time about starting on the second season of Liberty Strong. Fans were super supportive and we wanted to get back to the project but I had been busy and Nik had another project he was working on and it just took a while for all of us to get back to it. And so we we’re giving Nik a hard time, threatening to make him pay for dinner and he said “it’s started”. Michael was like: “What started?”. And of course Nik pulls out 20 pages of notes that he's been taking on the plot for Season Two. 


Yeah, there were a lot of typical guy high-fives going around. Michael’s excited. So am I.

So is Season Two done? 

Season Two is written and in production right now. 

Okay. Okay. But how did we end up going from a book to a podcast? 

Good question. We started out as a book. We released it in seven episodes through Amazon. And that was awesome. The fans were super supportive and it got a lot of buzz. Since then I've been listening to podcasts constantly. I’m a big fan of Serial. Crime Town. Start Up. All those episodic shows they release online that are just audio. I love it. I'm listening in the car. Listening at the gym. And so when Mike and Nik were talking about writing season two, I thought, let's do this as audio. Let's release the whole season as a podcast. In fact let's go back to season one and release that as a podcast too. 

So how do I listen? I mean if I've never listened to a podcast before how do I get the new season of Liberty Strong? 

We’re starting out with Season One and releasing that in 10 episodes over 10 weeks and then the minute season one ends were releasing Season Two. And you can find it anywhere. You can go to and stream it from the website. You can download the episodes to your phone or your computer and listen that way. And of course we’re on iTunes. We’re literally everywhere. You need a cell phone or computer and you’re good. 

So what's this like, this transition to audio? You're used to being on a TV set, in front of the camera, and now you're kind of.. well you’re a producer! 

It's a new role for me. If you’d asked me six months ago what a“finished hour” was, how many words per minute translated from script to audio, or what it meant to “punch and roll” I would've laughed and held up my hands. None of those terms were in my vocabulary but it's been a cool challenge. 

So what does a producer do? 

What don't I do! I encourage. I direct. Sometimes I crack the whip. Because you have to! (Laughter) But seriously all kidding aside. I'm doing everything from reviewing the script and making editorial suggestions to working with featured bands who provide music for each episode, to brainstorming with the visual artists who create artwork for the series. It's pretty awesome in that there’s so much flexibility.

Explain that

Well the only thing I have to compare it to is a TV production. TV requires lots, and I mean lots, of talented people, all working hard. And people are working hard on a podcast production but you need fewer people so there's more freedom in that if you have an idea you can run with it. Maybe you just need to convince one or two other people to go along for the ride. And of course production costs are less. It doesn't require $1 million to produce a podcast. It does require a lot of sweat and some long nights and attention to detail. And a sense of humor. But I’ve really enjoyed it. It's cool to learn new things. Test the limits of your talents.

What about TV? Are you still interested in moving Liberty Strong from the stereo to the big screen? 

Totally. Hmm. What can I say about that that will not get me in trouble. We're working on it. And in fact listener-ship from the first two seasons may help with that transition. I’d love to see Liberty on something like Netflix or Amazon. We’ve got some talented writers. Give me a good kick ass woman to direct and we’re on our way. 

So if I go to right now what am I gonna see? 

You’re are going to see the first three episodes of Season One. And every week for the next eight weeks a new episode will launch each Monday. 

Okay but you know I love to binge Netflix style, one episode after the next. Can I do that? 

You totally can. Listen to each episode as we release it or you can subscribe and download the entire season and do your whole binge listening thing. (Laughter) 

Fans are going to want to know what's up with Walker.

You mean in Season Two? 


Well…how can I answer that and be vague enough that I don't give any spoilers out. Walker is definitely… around… and as hot as ever. Anyone who loves Walker will not be disappointed. What you see for the series in the future? 

We have quite a few seasons in production now. We’re kind of a well oiled machine. And we have to be. We've all got other jobs. And kids!  

One job is hard enough let alone two. 

Yeah, producing this podcast is another job but it doesn't feel like work, if you know what I mean. I love it and as long as the fans love it we’ll keep at it.